Since its born S.r.l. has paid particular attention to industrial research and pre-competitive development.

This interest led Threads to design and implement innovative solutions in different contexts, and brought to patents deposit for industrial invention and utility model.

We turn to companies that need to integrate highly qualified technicians in their work group, able to contribute to the drafting of all the technical documentation necessary for access to Italian and European funding and the production of project outputs.

Below are the most significant research projects of recent years that have seen our collaboration.

PREMATIC-LAB project – Customer : Telematic Solutions S.r.l.

This research project aimed at chemical analysis laboratories. It aims to completely automate three pre-analytics phases, which foresee three distinct processing lines: preparation of Eluates, mineralization, solvent extraction. In particular, has been involved in product line design in CAD environment and has significantly contributed to the design and development of the monitoring software.

SIGLOD project – Customer: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia

This research project aimed at landfills in the Sicily region. has been involved in the design and development of a Decision Support System (DSS) for the localization and emergency management of landfills through a Web-Gis platform based on Open Source technology (Geoserver, Openlayers, Bootstrap, Spring).

TEMOTEC project – Customer: Centro Regionale Information Communication Technology

This research project aimed at cultural heritage. dealt with the design and implementation of a platform for assessing the degradation of cultural heritage with WSN technology and web-gis platform.